Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm running away...

You know those days. Everything goes wrong. Your house is a mess and you don't know where to start. Kids are particularly needy. This has been my day. And I have to say, I was pretty excited when 12:45 rolled around and it was time for the bus to pick up Elli. Xander had just left for his school, so I would just have Sophi and Lexi here. Sophi usually naps, so I was thinking of all I could get done with it just being myself and Lex.

Elli and I go outside and wait for the bus. We wait, and wait... After finally making a phone call, I find out that today was early day, and we had been gone when the bus had come earlier. Lovely. I calculate whether it's worth it to get everyone loaded and drive her to school myself, but realize that she'd only be there for a half an hour, and decide against it. I bring Elli back inside, who is not very happy that she isn't going to school. I look around at the mess and feel very overwhelmed. Sophi is crying and Lexi is repeatedly asking for a bath. She's already had one today, but I figure it will give me 15 minutes of freedom, so I put Sophi down for her nap and put Lexi in the tub. Elli's out in the living room creating messes I don't want to know about. I hide in my room and call Jeremy to talk. He tells me he's eating Chili's southwestern eggrolls for lunch. My mouth waters and I want to switch places with him. But I fight the urge to feel sorry for myself and decide I'm going to go out and conquer the mess that is my home. At that moment I hear Lexi call out, "Elli, no! No, Elli!" This piques my interest, as Elli is supposed to be in the living room and Lexi in the tub. I go out to check and find this:

Oh, Elli.

At least she took her shoes off.

Sophi never did take her nap, BTW.

And, yes, I do realize that instead of posting this, I could have cleaned my living room-- but the drive is gone.

Lovely, lovely day.

--Christianne (:


  1. :) Adorable picture though! i think jeremy should bring some home to share with you.

  2. That picture is hilarious. Having a fully-clothed child soaking wet in the tub on the day you were supposed to get a ton done would be highly frustrating. But then compared to other messes Elli is capable of making...wet clothes is not looking so bad...Keep finding the humor!!

  3. I was starting to shake as you were telling about your day. I have had the same days and I want to run away those days as well. Michelle Leonhardt Elison

  4. Hey that is one outfit that doesn't need to be washed now! ; )

  5. I have to say that God has a good sense of humor. it really shows through the little ones just when we need it. You are doing a great job with all the kiddo's. I love reading your posts and hearing about your beautiful family

  6. A couple of years ago Savannah and her cousin were taking a bath. Kim walked out of the BR then heard a "MOM!!" Christopher had joined them in the tub - clothes and all.

  7. I know that extreme frustration with the inability to get anything done, but some days there is no sense in fighting it. I'm glad you got such a priceless, funny picture in exchange for a clean living room.


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