Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sports Gal

This morning I was helping Xander learn how to dribble a basketball. We worked together for several minutes on the kitchen floor. He had the biggest grin on his face as he was able to rapidly go from no dribbling ability to some dribbling ability. At one point I looked over at Sophi and jokingly asked, "Are you going to play basketball some day?" Xander laughed out loud and said, "Sophi can't play basketball...." Christi started to say, "Well maybe she could stand on one foot and..." At that point Xander finished his statement: "...cuz she's 2!"

What a beautiful way to look at his little sister. The sky's the limit for both of those kids!!!



  1. Hey Christi - I got your comment on my blog. We live in Monarch Meadows on 134th. My email is - email me and we can talk! I need a suggestion where to enroll my girls in dance here. If you need help with anything ever, please let me know. I'm home all day.

  2. I love your family! Thanks for sharing, I feel I learn something from your children every post you make. I strive to be as amazing as they all are!