Friday, March 18, 2011

In response to comment on previous post

Everywhere I turn right now
There seems to be a mess
Laundry is piled to the sky
It’s pathetic—I confess

The kids are getting hungry
Lunchtime’s almost here
I should be doing SOMETHING
But I’m paralyzed with fear

Fear of dirty diapers
And playing referee
Fear of peanut butter
I know that’s hard to see

So I sit at the computer
To escape for just a sec
Collect my thoughts and stop myself
From being such a wreck

I’m greeted by a comment
From my sister-in-law, Jen
It’s creative, funny, witty
I give it a perfect “10”

My favorite thing about it
Is how it gives a great excuse
To skip out on all the messes
And forget I have the blues

Instead to craft this poem
In answer to her own
To fill her in on my side
And let my plight be known

You see, Jen, here’s the problem
I have such good intentions
Of blogging every single day
Without your interventions

I get through my busy, crazy day
And get the kids to bed
I sit at the computer
A thousand thoughts within my head

Should I write about sweet Lexi
How she’s loving her new school
Or how Taylor kissed me in front of friends
Making me feel so cool

I could write how we are “Jimmered”
And how March Madness is consuming
All our thoughts and time this week
Or would that even be amusing?

Then there’s always Graci’s party
Make-a-Wish gave way back when
That I STILL haven’t blogged about
What a slacker I have been!

A post with all the million ways
Our family has been blessed
By the sweetest friends and neighbors
Maybe that would be best

Or maybe I should open up
About how hard it all can be
How disappointment, fear, and grief
Seem bent on taking me

A fluffy post, just pictures
Or a post written in letters
Stories of the highs or lows
Which one would be better?

There are field trips, dates, appointments
I could write about all night
Or funny things the kids have said—
Do you see my plight?

And as I sit at the computer
With all these thoughts inside my head
I give up and say to Jer
“Let’s watch MTM instead!”


You took time to write this comment
And I was flattered, yes indeed
That you like to read our little blog
And in fact feel quite a need

To hear about this life of ours
So I recommit
To keep it up more daily-ish
And not so easily quit

One more thing, dear sis-in-law
You should carefully consider
Your writing talent is apparent
Your comment made it clear

I think it’s time for you to start
A blog all of your own
You have an unmatched talent
To tickle funny bones

I think you’ll find it cathartic
And you’ll keep us all amused
With your witty way of writing
Please, Jen, don’t refuse!


  1. You rock! I had no idea you could do that! I whip them out in minutes and pridefully thought I was the only one that could. We should have a speed poetry writing contest at our family reunion this summer. :)

    As far as keeping my own blog...I keep an almost-daily private diary but if I had to edit it down to what was blogable, you'd have nothing but, "Went to work, went to a Young Women meeting, went to Steve's choir concert." The end. The scathing commentary would have to be filtered!

    Seriously, your poem blew mine out of the water and was awesome. Sorry I misspelled Elli!

  2. Ha, ha, Jen. Mine wasn't better than yours. And it took me at least a half hour, so I'm sure you're faster.

    Ok, so this is the deal. I don't always write like I would if things were private. I definitely have to be careful, not as sarcastic, etc-- especially since my children read here. And there are plenty of things I just wouldn't blog about. SO... I understand how you would have to take some things out, BUT definitely not all-- and we all love to be humored once in awhile. I think your "scathing commentary" could be fun! I don't know, maybe you could even have fake names for people or something.

    Bottom line, I still think you should blog.


  3. loooove it.....sitting here now wondering what I would post and thot if I read others and tinkered around long enough little one might wake up from her nap first. ;)

  4. Love the poetic talent. I think all your blogs should rhyme from now on. :) With great admiration for you and Jenny, Dad

  5. I LOVE the poem(s)! I always am uplifted by your posts - the good and the bad! I never read without leaving with a smile (o:

  6. the poem absolutely amazes me, but. . . the writing, straight blogging is out of this world. i will take whatever comes easier.

  7. Morning Christi - I've been a slacker this weekend - but it was sunny and mild and the world beckoned - time for catch-up!

    In re this post: Dr. Geisel (aka Suess) has got nothin on you!

    And Jen - what Christi said!

    hugs - aus and co.


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