Sunday, March 13, 2011


It was Lexi's first time, and she loved it!!


  1. Fun, fun!!!! Lexi is full of adventure!

  2. When was this? SNOW????? We're swimming outside here in St. George! :-)

  3. PS I can only imagine the amount of laundry that required after the fun. Aaaahhhh! :-=)

  4. the picture of Taylor is the cutest...he is so dang handsome!!!

  5. HOORAH - a little fun in a late season snow - great stuff!

    But I'm lookng at the pic of Taylor - and I'm move to say "Careful son - don't start something you really don't want to finish!!" ;)

    love and hugs - aus and co.

  6. With promises of daily blogs,
    They lifted hopes so high.
    Their readers sat with bated breath
    But in they end, they’d sigh

    With aching disappointment
    For the daily blogs weren’t there.
    And readers spend another day
    Without the promised fare.

    If their blogs weren’t quite so clever,
    If their pictures not so cute,
    We wouldn’t mind so very much
    We wouldn’t give a hoot

    If when we checked this “daily” blog
    There was nothing new to read.
    But since their blogs are awesome
    We feel a daily need

    To share in just a bit of what
    Those crazy Greens are doing.
    Oh, what cute thing has Jesi said?
    What mess is Ellie brewing?

    What sport has Taylor mastered?
    What girl is Parker eyeing?
    What grin is Xander showing off?
    What new word is Lexi trying?

    What gorgeous pic of Graci
    Will thrill us all today?
    What skill has Sophi taught her feet?
    We love the blog, okay?

    So keep your blogging promise,
    Be it short or quite a tome.
    Post daily please, my lovelies,
    Or you’ll get another poem!


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