Sunday, March 6, 2011

Way to go, Taylor and Graci!

Remember those science fair projects we were completing the night before they were due? Well, both Taylor and Graci were finalists from their class, and continued on to the school science fair. We were so proud of them both! Taylor ended up being chosen as one of 20 to move on to the district science fair at Utah Valley University. There, he competed against kids from 21 other charter schools. I was able to take him and we had such a good time together. I was so impressed at the amazing science projects on display. There was some great competition, and... he advanced to state! Looks like we're headed down to BYU in a couple of weeks. (:


  1. Glad that you had a great date with the boys - and I already had some idea of what kind of guy Jer is!

    Way to go Taylor and Graci - and I like the mix of a fav sport (basket ball) and science - there are whole fields "in the world" about mixing performance with physiology (and psychology) - I like the concept from the beginning!

    hugs to all - aus and co.

  2. Holy cow, he looks just like a Nelson and it fits the family to be doing his project surrounding Basketball. Way to go Buddy. Michelle (Leonhardt) Elison

    Hey, your sister's kids are my husbands paitents in Rexburg. I ran into her and her family last year. It was really fun to see her. Small world isn't it!

  3. Nice job Graci and Taylor!! Those science fair projects take a lot of work, and you really have some good ones!

    Christi - I'm glad the fax you sent got there! :)


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