Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What cures all?

Long day. Another 100-minute round trip to Primary Children's Medical Center for Jesi. Lexi's IEP. I took Parker on a daddy date to the BYU-New Mexico basketball game. Christi home with the other 7 by herself. I started the day at 5:45 am going up to the church with Taylor and Parker to play basketball. I get home from the game tonight at 11:20 pm. I'm exhausted. Christi conked out on the bed waiting for us to return. Our arrival wakes her up. "Are you in bed for the night?" I ask. She looks at me with both stress and sleep in her eyes. "I could get up and watch a Mary Tyler Moore," she replies. "I have good news!" I say. I hold up two Mint Chocolate Utah Truffles. I can see the stress just ooze out of her. A peaceful, serene joy now surrounds her like an aura. Life will go on...


  1. Mint Chocolate Utah Truffles - man - you must be a great guy - or at least one that knows how to love his family! Great day -

    hugs around - aus and co.

  2. Too cute...I love how you two find ways to smile amidst the beautiful chaos around you!