Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Pics

These were on my phone, so they are other shots from some things we've already blogged about.

Jesi on the night Daddy curled her hair:Xander as "Wee Willie Winkie" for his kindergarten nursery rhyme festival:
More pics from Disneyland:

Lexi loves the New Orleans Jazz Band at Disney:On the shuttle bus back from Disney each night:Taylor in Grandma's BYU apron:)Poor Elli after her dental surgery:Taylor has an EKG:Sophi's love/hate relationship with her nursery class at church:
Sophi goes "fishing":Graci and Jesi at dance class:Xander's 6th birthday breakfast in bed:
With Al Jefferson of the Utah Jazz (he was pretty enamored with Soph!):



  1. OK, beautiful pictures, and I'm feeling guilty for enjoying your blog while ours sits idle! You are going to be so glad later that you took the time to do this when you were dead tired and the kids were in bed (or whenever you find time). Can hardly wait to see you!! Call me when you get a second. :)


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