Friday, June 3, 2011


First, Christi's sickness was just your average flu-like symptoms. She's doing better now. However she is exhausted. Not sure why?!?

The IRS is forcing me into 6-8 hours of making copies as they are requiring me to send in documentation of all of our 2010 adoption expenses before they will send us our refund. I'm not a fan of the IRS. On so many levels.

I tucked Lexi into bed tonight. Before I left the room she loudly proclaimed: "I need happy!!!" (Happy is her stuffed animal that talks to her.) "Where is happy?" I asked. "Happy is right there in front of you!" Hmmm. Remember, this is coming from a little girl who can't see. Apparently she's heard that line before. Funny thing though...Happy WAS right there in front of me:)

Tonight Jesi and Xander went to the neighbor's house to play night games. After awhile a notice a little blond head appear then disappear at the front window. I wasn't even sure I had seen it. I checked the front porch, and there was Jesi in her pathetic little cuteness. Tear stained face and sniffles. "What's wrong Jess?" "The big kids are watching a movie and I'm too little to watch!" "Why don't you play with Annie?" "Annie's sick." "Why don't you play with the other kids?" "Well, Gracie (not our Graci) used to be my friend, but now she found other friends and she doesn't want to play with me any more." Doesn't your heart just break for your kids? Life is so cruel when you're young and EVERYTHING revolves on how popular you are and how much the other kids like you and want to play with you. So dad tried to give some moral support. I suggested she go ask Gracie and her friends if she could play with them. Jesi was convinced that they would not like her games and she would not like their games. I told her that sometimes when you are trying to make friends, it is best to start out playing the games they want to play. In fact, if you try them, you make like them! I tried to give an example of this. I pointed out the unthinkable to her. At one point I didn't really like baseball! I couldn't stand to watch it on TV. I only played it minimally as a kid. When Taylor and Parker first started T-ball, I didn't know how to coach baseball at all. But I told her that as I watched them play and learned more and more about it, I came to love baseball! "In fact, Jess, we're kind of alike! At the beginning of this year, you didn't even want to play baseball, but I made you. Now you LOVE baseball. We're like twins!!!" Jess: "Well except that I'm a girl and you're a boy and we're really different." At least she stopped crying:)



  1. haha. She's right! (and so are you ;-) )

  2. Morning bro - yeah you heart just breaks for you kids like that - but over time they learn - and it's because of stuff like y'all were doing! If fact - that's parenting!

    Glad Christi is feeling a mite better - hope it continues - but if it's like was going on around here - it might take a couple days!

    love you guys - hugs around -

    aus and co.

  3. HI
    My name is jenna and I came across your site. Ur kids are amazing, courageous, strong, and determined fighters. They are brave warriors, smilen champs, Super troopers, A tough cookies, and an inspirational hero's. They are special, amazing, and precious gifts. I was born with a rare life threatening disease.
    I love it when others sign my guestbook.

  4. Whoever said sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me never had a child distraught over their (real or imagined) unpopularity. I am glad you took the time to talk it out with sweet Jesi. I hope you don't feel unpopular because she doesn't want to be your twin. :)


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