Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just a few months...

...was all the time you needed to change my life in so many ways. With that short time you had, you wrapped me around your tiny little finger, and I will never let go.

With just a few months, you taught me life lessons, made me fall in love, and awakened tender, sacred feelings that I will never forget.

With just a few months, you gave me one of the hardest jobs a mom can have-- being a mother of an angel.

With just a few months, you refined me.

You broke my heart, and you healed my heart.

You led our entire family on a journey that gave a family to precious children we never would have known.

Your tiny footprints left their mark in this world.

Would that we would all accomplish so much in just a few short months.

Happy Birthday, little Jake.

Light the way home...


  1. Jacob - you helped form the family we've come to love - owe you one kid - owe you one...

    hug and love around - aus and co.

  2. Jacob and Emily helped light the way for adoption for SOOOO many including our family!

  3. Aaawwwh. Little Jacob. Your body tiny, your purpose enormous!!!

  4. Little Angel, safe in Heaven, we love you and think of you often. Love Grandma and Grandpa


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