Monday, August 8, 2011

Are you kidding me?

Christi only THOUGHT she was falling apart at the seams. In actuality, she was merely building up to it. Now that she has been admitted to the hospital with an appendicitis attack a
nd is scheduled for emergency surgery at 7am, she can officially claim "falling apart at the seams" status! This, of course, wreaks havoc with Graci's scheduled spinal cord surgery. Christi at one hospital at 9am. Graci 30 miles away at 12:30 pm. How's that supposed to work?!?


  1. God will help you handle this crisis.

    Praying for Christi and Graci both.

  2. Prayers for both brother - wish we were a thousand miles closer - we'd make it happen - but after all that's gone on for y'all I know God will provide!

    here if anyone need to talk bro - btdt with Marie...

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. Holy COW! Bless her heart. Well, thinking positive...Christi will get some serious rest in the hospital. You are most definately in our prayers.

  4. I will be Praying for the Lord to handle all the detales and give you all peace!!!

  5. Shaking my head...... I am so thankful that God continues to be on the throne, no matter what. Prayers for the WHOLE family.


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