Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Falling apart at the seams

So you may remember me mentioning that I was pretty sure I had broken my toe several weeks ago. (It still really hurts--not a good sign.) As it turns out, the toe was just the beginning...

On our way to Idaho, we made a stop at Lava Hot Springs. I would LOVE to go there and raft someday, but this time we just stopped at the water park. There is a very nice outdoor pool and some water slides. There are also three diving platforms, the tallest of which is 10 meters. This may not seem very high, but believe me-- it is!

I've always been a bit of a daredevil, and these platforms looked like FUN! I also had the mindset that they had to be safe-- I mean, we are at a pool, after all-- not cliff jumping in the middle of a lake (which I used to do.) So I signed the release forms that allowed Taylor, Parker, and myself to jump. They immediately went off it-- before we were even done getting sunscreen on all the littles. I was shocked and proud!! Not many kids up there... In fact, not many adults up there!

As soon as I had the chance, I climbed up there myself. As I climbed, I realized that almost everyone was getting off at the lowest platform, and a couple at the middle. I was the only one that went to the top and stood there by myself. It looked much higher from up there!! In fact, the platform was the same height as the top of the waterslides. The lifeguard finally gave me the signal to jump. It took me a few seconds, but I did it. I thought I went straight in, but apparently I must have sat just a bit when my feet touched down. I immediately felt a very sharp pain in my tailbone. I swam to the side and just stayed there, trying to breathe through the pain. After it subsided a bit, I realized that the backs of my thighs hurt too, and I couldn't move my neck. I tried to pretend like I was fine, as the whole thing was quite embarrassing. As I held onto the side, I watched another girl jump off the high one, and she was yelping in pain after she landed.

I climbed out of the pool and back to the shallow area where my kids and Jeremy were playing. I told Jeremy the kids were no longer allowed to jump-- it was dangerous!! Taylor and Parker were not very happy with me, as I think they didn't understand the full extent of my injuries.

Before I knew it, Jeremy had taken off with Taylor. Apparently, the "man" in him decided that there was no way that he wasn't going to jump off that platform now that his wife had. I watched nervously, praying that he wouldn't get hurt. Two people are allowed to jump at the same time, and he later told me that if Taylor hadn't been standing right next to him counting down, there was no way he would have jumped. But he did. And he twisted his ankle on contact with the water. Go figure.

Afterwards, the boys were still asking to go again and Jer and I were both adamant that they not. A lady sitting mext to us in the pool spoke up and told the boys that she had worked there for three summers and had seen broken backs, necks, legs-- you name it.


It took several days for my neck to calm down enough that I could turn my head without pain. The backs of my thighs were completely purple/black with huge bruises. And my tailbone is STILL hurting.

One of the days in Idaho was spent on jet skis and I missed a couple of areas when I applied sunscreen, so add to my injuries a couple of bright pink sunburns and it was almost impossible to sleep at night. No matter what position I would lay in, it hurt.

Well, now it's been a few weeks and I am feeling much better. The sunburns have peeled and gone, my neck is fine, the bruises are almost gone, and my toe is somewhat better. Is still hurts to sit, and I struggle to sleep at night because the only position that doesn't hurt my tailbone is to lay on my stomach, but that puts my toe in a painful position. Ha.

I was very excited over the weekend to be feeling so much better overall, and then Parker asked me if he could start getting up early and jogging in the mornings. I didn't want him to go by himself, so I told him I would jog with him. "Cept there's one problem here-- I haven't exercised in a year or so. AT ALL. Besides that, I'm not a runner.

Needless to say, my body is hurting all over again. What a wuss, right?!!

I must be getting OLD.


  1. How do you manage to make physical pain and multiple injuries so hilarious?

    Try sleeping on your stomach and hanging your injured toe over the edge of the mattress off the bed. Even if you have to switch sides of the bed to be able to put the correct foot out, it would be worth it to get some sleep!

  2. Oh, my goodness. That all sounds awful. Really, really awful. I am so sorry, Christi. Here's to healing your body and putting platform diving behind you forever. (pun unintended ::groan::)

  3. Whoa! Scary! So glad nothing permanent happened!

  4. Christi - careful!! 10 meters is a mite more than 30 feet...a falling object meets terminal velocity (the speed at which gravity can no longer acclerate the object because of mass, resistance, or friction) after about 40 meters...I'm with you - a 10 meter platform is almost recklessly high!

    And yeah - we don't 'bounce' like we used to - I've been off work for almost 2 weeks now with a class II+ sprain of my ankle - done while mowing the grass!

    You guys take care of yourselves (and it doesn't hurt to consult with a doctor over a neck injury too!!!

    hugs - love you guys - you are precious to us all!

    aus and co.

  5. I have this genetic flaw inherited from my grandma. All of my brothers seem to have it also. When someone gets hurt, falls down, or is in severe pain, our initial reaction is to fall on the ground dying with laughter. My sister in law thinks that we are all a bunch of nuts. Joe is none to happy when I bust a gut laughing at his misfortune either! Had I been there with you all, I would have fallen in the pool and drowned laughing at you. I got Parker a shirt for his birthday that says, "It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious" Pretty much sums up my compassionate capabilities.
    I truly am sorry that you got so slammed while jumping. You definatley have more guts than I do. I am a wimp when it comes to water. So glad you are feeling better!

  6. I like Lisa laughed at this post but mostly because I could see myself. I kissed any daredevilish feature left in my body goodbye about 6 years ago when I decided to go down the banana slide with Blake. I hurt for weeks maybe even months. Ouch! Never again! I decided it is more fun to enjoy from the sidelines! HOpe you are feeling better!

  7. sorry that last post was me...that is an old address I don't use!

  8. Lava is just over the hill from Soda Springs!-we used to go there all the time--top platform is scary. You should have gone over to Soda to see where I grew up--maybe next time!


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