Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beware Lexi!

Lexi loves to ask people their names and how old they are. The other day Christi and the kids were at a church party. (Names will be changed in this post.) Lexi was eating at a table with a more mature member of the congregation. "What's your name?" Lexi asked. "JoAnne," the lady replied. Lexi: "How old are you?" Joanne: "29!" Lexi accepted that with no problem. A few minutes later, one of our neighbors, who Lexi knows well, sat down at the table. Once Lexi recognized that it was Linda, she blurted out: "Linda's 40!". Linda quickly replied, "I thought that was our secret, Lexi."

Someday Lex will have a better grasp of tactful communication. Until that day comes, be careful what you share with her:)


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