Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Blind Leading the Blind...The Armless Tormenting the Blind...

Our kids have some of the funniest interactions. Poor Lexi is always wanting to play with her brothers and sisters. Often they will play with her, but it is easy for them to forget that she can't just follow them as they move quickly from room to room, and she sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Often, Lex will try to get Elli to play with her. Elli is not a great playmate. Elli likes to sit on the couch and play with her musical toys. When she is happy there, it is generally better not to interfere with her. But Lexi is determined. She will take Elli by the hand and say "Elli come play with me!" You have to realize that both of these little girls can be very stubborn. Lexi will yank at Elli's arm until Elli moves. Elli will resist, wanting to stay where she is. Lexi will finally get Elli off the couch and drag her towards the stairs.

The other day I found Lexi trying to put Elli's hand on the railing to get her downstairs. Elli was yowling, not wanting to go. Lexi, determined as ever, kept repeating, "Downstairs, Elli!!!" and pushing her down to the next step. I told Lex that Elli didn't want to go downstairs and that she (Lexi) needed to stop trying to take her down. I helped Elli back up onto the couch and went back into the other room. Pretty soon I heard them at it again, but this time Lexi had maneuvered Elli all the way down the stairs. Like I said, Lex can be a very determined little girl:)

A few nights ago, I checked on Sophi and Lexi before I went to bed. The two of them share a double bed, but since they are both so little, they sleep sideways on it. This makes it short, but very wide. It's a little wider than a king. So I had to chuckle when I went in and Sophi had scooted (in her sleep) all the way over to Lexi. Soph was was squished up so tightly to Lexi that Lexi's arm was pinned to her side. I moved Sophi back to her side of the bed and then went in to bed myself.

In the middle of the night was suddenly woken by the sound of Sophi screeching. (This is not a terribly uncommon experience.) When I went in to check on her, I found her even farther over on Lexi's side of the bed. This is a metal bunk bed, and on the side by Lexi, the bed rails come up about a foot above the mattress. Lexi, still asleep, had rolled onto her side and was facing the metal rails. Sophi had pushed completely up into Lexi and was using her (Sophi's) legs to push against Lexi with all her might. Our two-year-old with no arms was smashing our six-year-old into the metal rails of the bed. Wish I had taken a picture:)

On the other hand, Sophi tries to help Lexi when she can. We will often find Sophi feeding Lex with her toes. Soph will find fruit snacks in the pantry and feed Lexi. Sometimes at dinner Sophi will pick up her pasta with a fork and feed a bite to Lexi. Sophi also loves to follow Lexi around as Lex walks through the house. It is quite delightful to watch these darling interactions.

Graci is doing well. The epidural came out today and she is doing well even without it. She is eating well. She is able to get up and walk around just a little bit. Thanks to the Hills for coming to visit her tonight. It made her day:) Hopefully she will be able to go home tomorrow. She is a strong, special young woman!


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  1. Jer - I can't begin to imagine the interactions at your place - I know that our's alternately crack me up and bum me out and fill me with a sense of love, respect, and Faith as I watch our three develop their relationships. In many ways I'm filled with awe and wonder in the deepest sense of the words...who'd have thunk that this would be one of the results in growing our families like this?

    love you guys - special hugs to Graci and Christi as they recover!

    aus and co.


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