Thursday, August 11, 2011


Any of you fellow appendectomy-goers:

Is it normal for your abdomen to be so swollen that it looks and feels like there is a bowling ball inside? Is it normal for legs to swell the size of Texas? (No redness, just swelling)

These are real questions.



  1. Oh man Christi! I wouldn't think that is normal! Call the doctor! Miss you. Love you. Praying for you guys.

  2. I don't remember anything like that when Tyler got his appendix out. At least call the doctor to get their opinion...

  3. They pump you full of co2 during the procedure so the have plenty of room to work. It makes you bloated and you might have to deal with co2 bubbles moving up through your body trying to diffuse. Warning: not comfortable.

    If you are worried though, call your doc.

    Hoping for a quick recovery!

  4. Mason's appendix actually burst before his appendectomy and he didn't swell, so you shouldn't be worse than him. Thinking about you and praying for you!

  5. I have not had my appendix removed but I did have my galbladder taken out and like kenna said, they pump you will co2 so they can see what they are doing- it made my stomach look bloated and the pain from that was worse than the incisions. Walking around should help get rid of it- the legs- ya that doesn't sound good. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. I would call the doctor, just to be safe. I understand about the CO2, but still ... your swelling sounds a bit extreme. But then, *of course*, it would. j/k ((Hugs for the Mama))

  7. Hi Christi,
    I will chime in and say check with the Dr ASAP. The CO2 will cause bloating but it usually isn't hard. Let us know how you are doing.

    Donna G

  8. Christi - call your doctor now - and in a couple hours I'll call Jer to make sure you did! Maybe nothing - but if it's infection you don't have the time for it!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  9. OK, boyz and girlz ... it's been awhile since an update and I'm a smidgie worried so, I thought I'd check in. I pray that you are recovering nicely and that Graci is up and at 'em again.

    ((hugs from Iowa))


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