Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three cheers for Elli!

Elli has been so happy for the last couple of days. Her teacher said that Tuesday was the best day she's ever had-- yay! Yesterday I met her class for a field trip. I wish I had brought my camera-- the kids were all so sweet! It's always good to be around other moms and teachers who understand a lot of what you are going through with these special kids. Something so random-- one of my roommates from BYU has a son with autism who is in Elli's class. We hadn't seen each other for years and then that happens!

I was visiting with her teacher at the field trip, and she thinks that I need to take another shot at potty training Elli. Um, that sounds like as much fun as pulling out my toenails! I am not kidding. But I'm going to try. Elli does usually go on the toilet when we take her, it's just that she doesn't tell us when she needs to go. And she dances around on the toilet and makes all kinds of fun messes. Apparently at school, they have been taking her very consistently (giving her treats as rewards-- she'll do anything she can do for treats) and she is staying dry there. She rarely stays dry here, but then again, I am not at all consistent at taking her. So I guess we're going to give this thing a try. Starting Saturday. I'm trying not to panic.

I LOVE my Elli. I have said before that she is like oxygen to me-- that I just have to breathe her every day. Admittedly I feel more that way when she has good days like these!! (:

She is an angel on earth, that girl.

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