Thursday, October 13, 2011

You may be wondering...

... what's up with all the blog posts this afternoon.

It's simple, really.

It all started earlier this week when I had just folded a huge batch of clothes and had them sitting on my nicely made bed.

Insert Elli.

Within minutes of her going into my room unsupervised, she had not only thrown all of the clothes off the bed and strewn them about the room, but had taken the sheets and blankets off the bed, knocked various items off the dresser and nightstand, and was tearing up papers from the desk. Oh, and she emptied Jeremy's very organized card file, which he was oh-so-happy about.

I was too overwhelmed and busy to clean it up then, and in the last few days that mess has multiplied. (That seems to happen a lot around here.) Now you can see approximately three square inches of carpet in my bedroom. Which is why it was supposed to be my project this afternoon. And I would think you would agree, if that was your project for the day, you would rather blog too!

AGH!!!!! (:


  1. Oh Christi...BLESS your hearts! And sweet Elli's too! I love that you always add smiley faces to blog posts describing typically unsmiley occurrences :)

  2. Dang girl - next time give me a heads up and I'll get coffee before I start reading!! (check the time on this post - I coulda used a cup!!) ;)

    Really great stuff here - like the straw gizmo - all the singing (early) of "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeff"

    the 'walk away from it and save it for tomorrow' project (the laundry that get's trashed after it's folded is one that really GETS me!)

    And the kisses - you can never have enough

    Just all of the life going on at your place - and the loving and laughing and the LIVING!!

    Just wow - we just love you guys!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. Here's to Elli messing up your room more often! Those posts were fantastic!

  4. Loved all the posts and pictures!

  5. You're funny! Glad you are blogging instead of crying or hiding in your closet:)


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