Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't Scare Me Like That!

I just opened a letter from Lexi's school:

Dear Parent or Guardian,
Recently at a vision screening at your child's school, your child was unable to see the critical line for their age and did not pass for this or other issues...

Glad they caught that!



  1. Oh man, Jeremy,

    That one is even better than the letter we received from the speech pathologist at the elementary school saying Charity had failed the impedence portion (which tests middle ear function) of her hearing screening. I guess the speech pathologist didn't bother to actually LOOK IN CHARITY'S EAR - if so she would have seen the myringotomy tubes, which prevent a pass on this particular test!! :)

  2. Clay and I just about died laughing...Makes us think of the old Jeff Foxworthy saying...Here's your sign!

  3. Dude - if we couldn't laugh about this kind of stuff I think we'd cry! You have to love folks that can't think outside their little box!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  4. Thank goodness our tax dollars are going toward such important work. What if you had never found out?


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