Monday, December 5, 2011

I think I'll keep them...

Yesterday after church, Jeremy asked if I wanted to go on a Sunday ride.  Let's see... go home and face the huge mess we had created that morning and the night before, or take a leisurely drive around town?  Of course, I picked the drive.  It wasn't very long before a few of the kids were obviously not having fun on the drive, so we offered to drop them off at home.  We kept Sophi, Lexi and Parker with us, and started off again on our drive.  I looked in the back and mentioned that Sophi looked a bit pale.  Seconds later, we heard a choking sound, followed by two rounds of VERY projectile vomit.

Just what we needed.  (:

So we turned right around (we were only a few blocks away) and I went inside to clean up Sophi.  I got her bathed and down for a nap, put Lexi in the tub, and went back out to the van.  Jeremy worked on getting that all cleaned up.  I was still not ready to face the house.  So, we did what any responsible parent would do... We told the kids that we were still going on our drive, except this time by ourselves!  We asked Graci to get Lexi out of the tub and otherwise left them with no directions.  You can do that with responsible kids like Taylor, Grace, and Parker.

Awhile later, we pulled into the driveway.  Taylor came out and told us that we should really go out for awhile longer.  In other words, we weren't supposed to go inside.  Hmmmm....

So, we continued on our relaxing drive around town.  When we finally got home, we walked into a beautiful, clean house.  The kids had obviously thought it would be a fun surprise, and boy were they right!  (:  What started out as a very overwhelming afternoon turned out to be a very pleasant evening.  We had pumpkin waffles, read, and played games. 

Thank you, sweet kids!


  1. I would definitely keep them! Could you have your kids call my kids with some of these wonderful ideas!

  2. Gotta love those kids!!! Wow!! How thoughtful and sweet.

  3. OUTSTANDING!! Maybe they are trying to get on the 'nice list'? ;) Naw - they are - and were - already there!

    Great job guys - as proud of you as if y'all were my own!!

    love you guys - hugs - aus and co.

  4. Amazing! And you didn't even have to leave a list of chores to be done before you got home which the oldest brother would then do everything in his power to pawn off on the younger kids? (Jeremy will know to what I refer...) :)


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