Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today I:

bathed, fed and dressed Elli and got her on the bus
fed the kids leftover pizza for breakfast
had a family council to plan the next few days
read with Sophi
had Lexi's best friend over for a few hours
cleaned, cleaned, cleaned (though you certainly wouldn't know now)
made caramel popcorn
settled a few domestic disputes
went to Taylor's Court of Honor
made glittery snowflakes with the littles
took Xander and Taylor to do their Christmas shopping
made sloppy joes
stayed in my pj's until 1:00
helped Jesi and Graci deep clean their room
was in tears over the bags of things they were ready to get rid of-- so hard to watch them grow up!
took Sophi to the bathroom about a jillion times
watched "The Grinch" with the big kids
ate a lot of junk food
read lots of Christmas cards/letters
visited with good friends
had sweet conversations with each of my kids
took a long, hot shower

I love having the kids home for Christmas break! 

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  1. HOORAH!! I start my vacation tomorrow - the kids are on break as of dismissal from school yesterday - and life will be just plain good! In particular I like the 'stay in my pj's until 1 part!!

    I love the fact that y'all live life - it's what it's about!!

    love you guys - many hugs - aus and co.


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