Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Gone

I could just feel the manliness oozing out of me tonight as I sat down in the auditorium with Jesi and Grace to watch a performance of the Nutcracker.  Two hours of men in tights.  Enough said.  However, I must admit that I was quite entranced by the amazing talents and skills of the performers.  I have never been to the ballet.  I can honestly say that I would like to go again.  Not tomorrow!  But someday.  And the girls just LOVED it.  Graci was actually cheering out loud at some of the lifts.  That girl wants to be a performer so bad.  An actress, a dancer, whatever.  But she really wants to be up on stage.

On the way home, I asked Jess and Graci what they were most excited about for Christmas.  Jesi replied: "I like that it is Jesus' birthday and I like the presents."  Graci's answer?  "I'm excited cuz it's on Sunday and church will be shorter."  Ah, Grace.  Such a unique perspective on life!

Now somehow I just have to get my manliness back before I coach the boys' basketball game tomorrow...!

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  1. Jer - you crack me up!! As for Graci being a performer - she won't even need a stage name!! One day maybe I can look back and say "I knew her when"...well regardless of what she does I'll say that - and it will give me great joy!!

    And Graci - you and me - we agree on the Church thing....I wouldn't mind how long it would be if most of the folks there were there every week! ;)

    love you guys - hugs -

    aus and co.


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