Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why you have to love Jesi...

First of all, Jeremy found the diamond in our bed.  As in, between the sheets.  Which makes absolutely no sense at all, because on Monday I tore the top sheet completely off the bed before making it.  Wouldn't I have seen it then?  So weird!  To be honest, I was in more shock when he showed me he had found it than when I found out it was missing!  I didn't think there was any way I was seeing that diamond again.  It's good I have children and a husband with much more faith than I have.  They had been praying every single prayer that we would find "Mom's diamond."  (:  Yay for answered prayers!!!

I found a few cute pics of Jesi I had to share:

"Raking" leaves in her pajamas

Jesi got Sophi all dressed up warm and brought her out to play without being asked.  Notice all the warm clothes, but no socks or shoes!

The sign posted on our door on Thanksgiving

Jesi had to drink some nasty stuff for a medical procedure.  She hated it, so she alternated between it and a cup of Sprite.  It was hilarious to watch her go back and forth at the speed of lightning.  She was such a trooper!


  1. Great stuff here - absolutely love the bare feet and the sign!!

    And OK - at the risk of being a tad "irreverent" and while I know it's not your Faith tradition - let me put in a plug for St. Anthony (the patron of lost things / causes - he and I are frequent flyers!!)

    You make the second family who has lost a diamond in the past week (the first the wife of a co-worker who is recovering from a critical auto accident and will be in re-hab for another couple months) - both of which have been found - both of which were found in places that had already been searched once before (in her case the bottom of a laptop bag) - and both of which I mentioned to St. Anthony (who also has a Franciscan connection - and y'all know I was a Franciscan for years!!).

    So - I'll go with the St. Anthony going to the Boss on our behalf and asking Him for just a little fiddling with our 'mortal world' so we could get just a little thing...but now I gotta go light another candle ('s a Catholic thang...)

    love you guys - HOORAH -

    aus and co.

  2. Congrats on the diamond!

    Congrats on the cute daughters!


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