Sunday, April 22, 2012

In with the new!

Our blog has been the same for several years now. Both Jeremy and I are kind of funny about change. Many people change their backgrounds and looks quite often, but we like the comfort of familiarity.

That being said, we have both felt like it's time to try something new! Our main goal is to make our blog more readable and accessible to people who are coming on for the first time. We have both felt a tremendous responsibility to share our story, particularly of special needs adoption. Many prospective adoptive parents have contacted us about things they have read on our blog and questions they have had. Hopefully that can happen even more often with the easier accessibility. We know that as we first began our adoption journey, we found ourselves full of questions. Many of those questions were answered through the blogs of other adoptive parents. They were extremely helpful to us. Hopefully we can be that help for others who might adopt as well! With that being said, we're humbly asking you to "button up," or in other words, put our button on your blog! Spread the word on Facebook! Whatever it takes-- let's let the world know the beauty of special needs adoption! It's kind of funny for me to be asking this-- believe it or not, I'm a pretty private person. In many ways, I'd rather have a small following. But I KNOW the power of blogs and the power of sharing experiences, and I feel such an urgency to open hearts to these darling children without families. Spreading the word is an easy way to be part of finding them a home!

We'll be working out the kinks of the new blog over the next few days, so be patient. Our new domain name will be, but that's not up yet. You won't need to change the address if you are a follower-- it will automatically reroute you. We'll reward your patience with a very fun surprise as soon as we can. Believe me, you'll want to keep posted! (;


  1. Wow - turn my back for a weekend and look what happens!!

    1) concerning Graci Kate - one word - HOORAH...'nuff said except to Praise the Father of us all!

    2) absolutely LOVE the new look! For the while our blog is private (as you are aware) - family things. And you may have noticed that Marie hasn't posted in many weeks - also family things. We'll see what happens in the future but a prayer for her to find His Peace would be good!

    3) An honest comment on the blog - and something that will save you some time in the future - instead of the kids ages (which will have to be edited every few months as they have birthdays) - their year of birth? Just a thought!

    4) and final thought - thanks for many things - sharing your love - sharing your family - but mostly sharing adoption! You guys are simply outstanding - thanks for "getting it"!

    love you guys - hug them all for us -

    aus and co.

  2. I buttoned up...your road can now be traveled from my blog :)

  3. I think you guys are amazing. I saw you article in the paper and have been a follower since. Then my brother called me from Tennesse and asked my how I knew you. So I told him I read about you in the news. I guess he and Jeremy served in the ward out there. He said you guys were awesome and thought the world of you!!!

  4. hmmmm...what could the new news it a new little green coming home? hurry up already! I've waited all week!


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