Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Words

Yesterday Xander asked if he could play with a certain friend.  I told him yes, then proceeded to ask him a bit about this friend.  "Is he a nice friend?  Does he ever do anything inappropriate?"

"Well..." Xander started, looking nervous.  "He does say the 'b' word sometimes."

A bit shocked that Xander even had knowledge of that word, I replied, "Oh?  And what would that word be?"

Xander whispered, "butt."

"I see.  Well that's a word that is ok in most families.  Anything else?"

"Sometimes he says the 'd' word."

Again feeling a bit panicked, I asked, "And what would that word be?"


"Hmmm.  Ok."

"Sometimes he says the 's' word, too."

"What 's' word, hon?"


"Well, ok.  I think you can still play with him."  (;

Xander, looking relieved, began to walk out the door, then turned around and hesitantly added, "And Mom-- sometimes he even says 'ugly'."


So just a few minutes ago, Jessica walked in with Xander and said, "Mom, I think Xander said a bad word, but I'm not sure.  Is 'tooter' a bad word?"

Suppressing a giggle I replied, "No honey, that's not a bad word."

Jesi's reply:  "Ohhhhh.  Good to know!"

So grateful for the innocence of these two sweet kids!


  1. We've had similar conversations with our kids :) I'm so glad those are the "bad words" my kids hear too!

  2. So sweet! Thanks for the reminder to keep the innocence!


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