Thursday, June 7, 2012

Melt Your Heart

Just look into those smiling eyes!  This sweet little boy has been brought to my attention, and I feel privileged to advocate for him!  Like Sophi, he was born without arms.   And like us, you can be be beautifully blessed if you open your hearts and home to him!   We can't imagine not having Sophi in our lives-- she is magnificent and perfect in every way.  Don't be scared by missing limbs!

DOB: 09-2009
Gender: M Age: 2 years (exactly one year younger than Soph)
He has a neutral personality; he can be both introverted and extroverted. He has a quick reaction and is fond of listening to music. He is diagnosed with congenital absence of both upper limbs. He is able to hold things with his feet and play. He currently lives with a foster family and is attached to his care givers. He loves to be cuddled and his favorite toy to play with is a toy car.

 If you find this little guy tugging at your hearts, please email my friend, Sonia at for more information.   (:


  1. Thanks for advocating for him!! I can't get over how bleak his future over there is but what hope and love he can have over here. Lord, someone, please!

  2. I want him! But alas, a job is a requirement and we won't have one of those for at least another year! Off to post to FB! Thank you!


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