Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Tidbits

You have to look very closely to see the point of this picture.  Sophi was standing near our front door, observing as Christi was talking to some of the other kids.  I glanced at Sophi and noticed something I never really had before.  Because of her leg discrepancy, she has a very awkward time standing still.  She either has to be leaning to one side, or, like in the picture, she has to be on tip toe on her right foot.  How tiring that must be.  And yet she never complains about it.  In fact, she practically bounces with joy everywhere she goes.  (Except when she's in a bad mood, but that's prompted by other calamitous events, such as mom walking out of the room Sophi is in, etc.)  She is really a trooper.  Love that girl.

Jesi, Xander, Sophi and Erin C. put together a rock band.  Jesi's playing the badminton racquet.  Sophi is playing the guitar (you can almost miss her in the pics above).  Erin C. is on the plinkety piano.  And I haven't yet figured out what Xander was contributing.

Sophi loves to be scratched.  Back, legs, wherever.  She has very sensitive skin and obviously has a hard time scratching herself.  Last week at Grandma's house, she asked Lexi to scratch her back.  Lex really got into it.  (Notice the red marks:)


  1. You know how cool that post was? It's a tribute to family - living - caring - playing - and loving! In many ways it's rewarding to see bro - many many ways!

    love you guys - aus and co.

  2. I'm thinking Xander is lead singer. In the 2nd pic it looks like he's using his fist as a microphone. :)

  3. Our youngest loves to have her back scratched too...can't be a firm back rub, it must be a SCRATCH..can hardly do it.

  4. Xander is, of course, the lead singer! Every rock band has one!

    Deb Harrop

  5. I saw this today and thought you guys might appreciate it too. :) You might have already seen it, but it's a girl that can't use her arms much and she shows how she changes her son's diapers and does routine things with her feet.

    1. Thanks for sending this. It is truly amazing how adaptable human beings are, both physically and emotionally. Lots of new experiences out there for Sophi...


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