Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So I've been just a bit of a whiner this week.  Not out loud.  Just inside.  You know, thoughts like, "I sure haven't been sleeping well." or "I'm bored stiff." or "I don't think I can handle much more of this hospital life."  or "One more minute in this infernal play room and I think my brain will explode."  This will be my fourth night here.  This evening I took Xander back to the playroom.  While we were there I overheard one parent ask another, "How long have you been here."  "A month," was his reply.

OK.  Instant humble pie served.  Xander should be going home tomorrow morning.  I'll be fine:)


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  1. I can remember a similar experience with my daughter. She suddenly became ill with a blood disorder that we knew she would most likely grow out of and be totally fine. Still, in the meantime, it was no picnic and we were in the playroom on the hematology/oncology floor and I was thinking how sad it was that poor Abby had to be hit with this dang ITP illness and how there were so many things that wouldn't be getting done at home while we were there at the hospital, etc. etc. Then a mother came in with her daughter, about the same age as our Abby. The mom very gently asked if Abby was new on the ward and what type of cancer she had. I quickly told her that Abby didn't have cancer and just had a blood disorder. This mom acted like I just won the lottery. "Oh, congratulations! Isn't that wonderful?"

    As I heard more of her story and learned that her daughter was very unlikely to recover, I realized how very lucky we were. I'll always remember that sweet mother and her daughter and hopefully I'll always remember the lesson they taught me.


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