Thursday, August 16, 2012

Note to self...

There is never, EVER a good reason to take a charge.  Just get out of the way and let him blow past you for a layup.  I do not get paid to play this game.  Healing takes way too long.  Never do it again.  (Especially when you're playing with a bunch of hot-headed college kids.)  I found a local church up here by the Children's Hospital last night.  Played with a bunch of kids from the University of Utah.  Only took one charge, but it was enough.  Felt like my jaw and my sternum were fractured, not to mention being bowled completely over onto my back.  (We did get the ball back, though!)  Woke up and my mouth and chest felt a bit better, although my shoulder and pinky now realize they got in on the action as well.  I know, enough with the old age posts.  Call this a stupidity post:)


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