Friday, August 17, 2012

Phone Phase

Taylor went through a phase when he called me all the time.  Learned my cell phone number and would call throughout the day to talk or leave me a message.  I have recorded many of them, and they are wonderful treasures.  Jesi is now going through that stage.  Three or four times a day she will call.  A recent conversation went something like this:


"Hi.  This is Jessica.  Whacha doin?"

"I'm at work."

"I was just callin to check on ya."



Some of the calls are more purposeful, such as when she is requesting that I bring home some strawberry cream cheese to put on her strawberry bagel.  Virtually every one of the messages she leaves starts like this:

"Hello, this is Jessica.  Your daughter."

And what a precocious daughter she is!

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