Friday, September 21, 2012

It's all about spin...

It's only 9:30 a.m., and I have already:

1.  Written a thank you to a friend
2.  Played dolls with Sophi
3.  Made my family chocolate chip waffles
4.  Reviewed spelling words with Xander
5.  Had Sophi practice Spanish
6.  Changed Elli's sheets
7.  Trained for my *marathon
8.  Made Elli's bus drivers feel beautiful
9.  Had 3 clean loads of laundry ready to put away
10.  Scrubbed the toilet
11.  Done some deep cleaning
12.  Given myself a facial
13.  Completed Xander's physical therapy
14.  Made dinner plans for tonight
15.  Washed some windows
16.  Done some light reading
17.  Taken out the trash
18.  Done some handyman work
19.  Built extended family relations
20.  Blogged

1.  Via text
2.  For about one minute
3.  Eggo
4.  As he was running out the door, I asked him to spell the three words I remembered from his list.
5.  Dora
6.  Out of pure necessity
7.  Ran around the house trying to get 7 kids out the door on time 
    *marathon-- when we add two more kids to the brood
8.  By walking out there in my p.j.'s, messy hair, and no make-up
9.  Delivered this morning by my laundry fairy
10.  Again, out of pure necessity
11.  Straightened the cereal in the pantry
12.  As I opened the dishwasher
13.  Held his hand and walked up and down the hallway one time to practice not limping
14.  Picked a restaurant for date night
15.  Because I realized as I walked outside, it was not nearly as hazy as I had originally thought while looking out my kitchen window.
16.  On the newly cleaned toilet
17.  Set it on the porch for my boys to take care of
18.  Changed batteries in a toy
19.  Emailed my sister
20.  (:


  1. bwahaha I was starting to feel really bad/lazy about my morning until I got to your second list.

    "Christianne has like 8 kids and she has been so productive before 10 am. It's 11 and I'm still only half dressed, the baby is napping and the kids are at school and I'm sitting here blogging. I should go do the dishes and the laundry" LOL that's what I was thinking as I read your list.

  2. So thankful for the translation!:) I was sitting here reading this and saying to myself, How in the world does she do it?!

  3. That was really, really good! Made me laugh when I got to your translations. I was thinking you just never sleep. Beautiful family! Take care, kim

  4. So true, so true! What a multi-tasker you are! :)

  5. So funny! This has got to be one of my favorite posts! Let's here it for busy moms! I only have 1 little guy so I can only imagine! He's 3 and he LOVES your adoption announcement video. He calls it "Groove Groove" movie. :) he also said "the mommy is pretty". He's quite the ladies man already! Ha! Anything new to report on your 2 sweeties still in China?!

  6. Literally laughed out loud as I read your second list. It's all a matter of perspective! :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! So hilarious! I love it! "Made the bus driver feel beautiful!" The best!

  8. No spin - success!!

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  9. Loved it! Great post! We also love your adoption video! Every time we hear that song on the radio, I hear your version to it! :)

  10. I think you missed your calling in public relations. You could charge a fortune! :)

  11. Still laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!

  12. By the way, even the translation was a lot to accomplish that early in the day...

  13. Oh, you had me rolling in the floor laughing! Thanks for that. Loved the translations too. Now you've got me feeling like a slug since I'm barely awake at 10 am with 3 kids (vertical, at Day Job, but not awake-LOL).


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