Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diamonds and Dumpsters

Christi has a history of bad luck with expensive jewelry.  Well, with both pieces of expensive jewelry she's ever had.  And expensive is relative.  The first is her wedding ring.  The second is a reasonably nice bracelet I got her one year for our anniversary.  The bracelet somehow turned up missing within about a week of my giving it to her.  Never did find it.  Oh well, it wasn't that nice.  Now the ring...

First was when she ran the vacuum over it.  She immediately knew what she had done and was able to recover it, but it was mangled and completely unwearable.  She put it up in a corner of a cupboard, and there it sat for years.  During this period, Christi would wear her wedding ring du jour.  These were Walmart specials with rhinestones way bigger than any diamond we could have afforded.  They would quickly lose their silver or gold colored plating and become a dull brown color.  But at least they let the world know she was taken!  One time she actually had a girl come up to her and compliment her on her "two-tone" wedding ring.  If you counted the nasty green color it turned her finger, it could probably have qualified as a three-tone ring!

Next came the time she lost the diamond.  Fortunately we were blessed with a minor miracle and it turned up again.

So it was no real surprise the other day when Christi mentioned she was missing half of her wedding ring.  It is a two-part ring that interlocks.  She hadn't realized for awhile that she only had one of the pieces on.  (Of course it was the piece without the diamond:).  She wasn't sure where she might have left the main piece, but she thought it might have been when she took the ring off to cut the boys' hair.  We looked all through the hair-cutting supplies.  No luck.  She wondered if it might have been vacuumed up with the hair.  I think we both thought the other one would look through the vacuum.

A few days later it still hadn't turned up.  I called the kids together and offered a $25 reward to whoever found it.  This was definitely enough to get their attention.  They did some searching, but it remained lost.  Later that day, Christi asked me if I had looked through the vacuum.  It's a bagless model so you just dump the canister directly into the garbage can.  I told her I had not looked through the vacuum and in fact, I had just emptied the vacuum into our outside garbage can.  She looked somewhat panicked.  She told me she thought there was a very good chance her ring had been dumped with it!  She said she would go out and look through the garbage can.  I have never seen Taylor or Parker volunteer so quickly for a job, particularly such a disgusting one.  They literally jumped out of their seats and ran to the garbage can.  Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, Taylor came in victorious.  I immediately paid up.  Parker was quite discouraged, feeling he had tried just as hard, but had been gypped out of 25 bucks only because he had seen the glint of the ring a split second later than Taylor.  It just wasn't fair.  I pulled out one of our family's favorite lines (or at least mine!):  "Fair is overrated."

Anyway, Christi has her ring on her finger once again.  How long will she keep it this time???


  1. I ALMOST NEVER take my ring off for fear I will lose it. I know they say to take it off at night, etc. but knowing me I would misplace it (Christi and I must be related ;-) ) so I've always kept it on. Anyway, if I EVER have to take it off for whatever reason (sometimes my finger gets really dry where my ring is and I take it off to put oil or cream on my finger for a day or so) I put it on my toothbrush. That way I'm reminded at least twice a day that it's still there! :-) Maybe that will help Christi! ;-)

  2. Oh boy, I am just laughing to myself! I NEVER take my ring off either, because I KNOW I would lose it! Fortunately, I jammed my left ring finger playing basketball in sixth grade, which left my joint permanently larger than normal, so my ring won't ever slip off! A few years ago, though, I looked down one morning and was horrified to see an empty space where my diamond belonged! I had been gardening the day before, so I like to say we have the richest soil around, although I don't really know where I was when it fell out. Here are two suggestions from Ken Whipple, our cousin and jeweler who actually made my ring!
    1) Have your prongs checked by a jeweler (who you TRUST not to exchange your diamonds for cubic zirconias) every six months. I forgot this one until it was too late!
    2) Have your two bands sautered together. I didn't want to, but I had him do it a few a few years or so after we were married, and he said it would make the ring last longer.

    And don't tell anyone, but I did empty the vacuum just in case after my diamond was missing, and I just found the bag of lint a while ago, still waiting for me to sift through!

  3. Morning guys - well lets see - there was the time Marie's went down the garbage disposal, then there was the other time the ring went down the garbage disposal, then there was the time the ring was left on the window sill so it didn't go down the garbage disposal and our oldest took it to school for show and tell, then there was the time it went down the drain and I recovered it from the S trap, and a couple trips into a vacum. And there was one time I had to have mine removed at the hospital because it was crushed in an accident and wow did that hurt! But through out it all our marriage has remained intact! And ya know - like you guys - while we'd be sorry to see it go - it is only a symbol! And that's what really matters!

    love you guys - hugs around - aus and co.

  4. Too funny! And Parker was robbed! But it's a good life ain't fair. Love you guys!

  5. My husband accidentally threw his wedding ring away in our first year of marriage. He was taking a large bag of trash out to the apartment dumpster in the rain, and as he threw the bag into the half-full dumpster, the trashbag ties that had been hooked over his wet fingers dragged his ring off with them. And yes, he did climb into an apartment dumpster half-full of water and garbage to look for it. And he did find it!

    And I love to tell that story to our friends. :)


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