Monday, December 24, 2012

Love our Lexi!

Lexi opens our closed door and comes barging into our room about a subtly as a Mack truck.  "Lexi," I remind her, "you can't just come into our room.  You have to knock first."

Lexi:  "So I should try again?"

Me:  "Yes.  Knock, and I'll say 'No.  You can't come in.'"

So sweet Lexi knocks. 

Me:  "No.  You can't come in."

Lex:  "But I want to tell you something."

Me:  "Not right now.  Mommy and I are talking."

Christi then gives me a pouty look with big eyes and an extended lower lip indicating that she thinks Lexi is about as cute as can be and I'm a big ogre.

Me:  "OK, Lex.  What do you want?"

Lexi:  "Can you slip me for 20 bucks?  Get a CD?"  Christi and I start cracking up.  Lexi:  "That's what Parker told me."

Love our kids!!!


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