Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Bit Of This And a Bit Of That

Happy New Year!  Can't believe how fast time passes.  Here are few odds and ends based mostly around pictures I've taken on my phone:

Jess and Graci were loopy while waiting for our luggage in Beijing:

Jesi and Grace in their flip flops at the Beijing airport, reinforcing what a responsible father I am...

Some TIRED girls on the way home from China!!!

We were pretty tired on Christmas Eve (go figure!!!).  That, combined with some slick roads made for an abbreviation of some of our traditions.  But one that the kids could not have lived without was GRAND BAGS!  Ten Grand Bags require quite a bit of work to put together.  Not surprisingly, this year's version included several trinkets from China.

By the way, we decided at the spur of the moment to adopt an extra young lady while in China.  Let me introduce you to...Alexandria:)

At first, Xander was OK with his foray into femininity, but as time went by, he became a bit less enthusiastic about the idea:

We recently played a game of sardines.  Taylor hid in the "dress up clothes" closet under the stairs.  Parker found him fairly quickly, but the rest of the us took quite awhile (and maybe even required a vocal hint) before we could locate their hiding place.  No wonder!  (Look closely in the second pictures for a couple of happy hiders):

Can't remember if this was crazy sock day or 80's day or what.  Regardless, there are few guys who can pull off this look.  You get to decide for yourself whether Parker is one of those guys:)

Sophi helps Lexi read braille:

Lexi wants to be a cowgirl:

Christi and I at the New York toy fair last February.  Fun trip!!!

Poor Taylor.  Had to go on a food drive with our church youth group.  Got stuck in a group without any other guys in it.  Hard luck kid:(

After my camping trip to Escalante with Taylor, Parker and my dad, I let my beard grow out for almost a month.  Christi loves it (at least until I start to shave it in sections...):

Sophi likes to play trombone and use hot pads:)

So grateful for all my kiddos and so grateful for digital cameras!



  1. Good morning guys - Happy New Year - and welcome yet again to the "new normal"!

    It's been a incredibly "complex" couple weeks at our place - likely nothing of which you are not aware - but Holidays always bring reminders of past losses (and wins too - but the losses are always felt more it seems).

    But I wanted to let you know that with all of that - and a general lack of time to be "on the computer" - still you were never out of our prayers - or our hearts!

    Great joy for y'all - love you guys -

    aus and co.

  2. So much fun! I can't pick my favorite picture, though certainly one of the funniest is Jer with a handlebar mustache. Or Sophi reading Braille. Or Xander hating being a girl. See...I can't pick!

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  4. When you don't post for awhile, I die a little. Everyday. haha jk In a good way- I love ya'lls blog. I love reading about your family, you are amazing!!!!!


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