Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Honest Thoughts...:)

Jessica got a cute compact mirror while we were in China.  The type you could put in a purse.  It has rhinestones and beads on the outside and has mirrors on both sides when it opens up.  This morning she's been carrying it around and telling everyone to look at themselves.  She tried several times on me, but I was too busy making lunches.

She tried once more:  "Dad, do you want to see how you look?"

Me (having just seen the first round of kids out the door):  "Sure."  Then, looking at my reflection, "Man, what a handsome guy."  I gave her a raised eyebrow indicating that this was a somewhat sarcastic comment.

Jesi, very earnestly:  "Maybe not in the morning, but you do look better in the after...well, when you get all ready."

They sure do humble you, don't they?



  1. Ah - yeah - humble is a word for it bro....probably others....but yeah....let's go with humble! ;)

    love you guys - aus and co.


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