Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese New Year

We had so much fun at a Chinese New Year celebration for local families with children from China!  I arrived before Jeremy and Parker (they were at a basketball game) and immediately upon arriving, Elli went into one of her fits of rage.  I'm thinking, "How in the world am I going to manage all of these kids here?"  Within seconds I had all kinds of wonderful people helping-- getting plates of food for the kids, bringing us drinks, helping them with eating and crafts-- all people we didn't really even know.  I am SO grateful for all of the genuinely GOOD people in the world!  (: (: (:  We had a great night-- there were crafts, a parade, dances, skits, and lots of yummy Chinese food.  My kids loved seeing so many families that they could relate to.  Thank you, everyone that made this night possible!


  1. It is so sweet seeing the obviously close relationship between Cali and Graci! Every time I look at your beautiful family I know you are all meant to be together! How touching to see your love for each other. And of course you're also all darned pretty...yes, even you guys in a manly way of course. :) Much love from the deep south.

  2. Love the MOngolian hats! My princess is from Hohhot. Do you have one from there, or did you just find those hats somewhere?

  3. Morning Christie -I just LOVE this - not only seeing you guys have a cultural moment - but hearing another example of the "value added benifit" of being an adoptive family! I never expected the intense feelings of love I get from other families that "get it" too - we all know that we are "all in this together"! Our FCC celebration is this Sunday - our Korean Family Connection group met a week ago - we get to do the whole CNY celebration that way!

    hugs - love your group - love you guys!

    aus and co.


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