Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Avacado Whisperer

(Read this with your best Rod Serling impression)

Picture this.  A man wandering through WalMart.  A glazed look in his eyes.  Stumbling around  trying to find the wonder ingredient hawked by the sample lady on his last visit.  A simple formula for fantastic guacamole.  He turns a corner, and there she is!  Setting up her sample booth.  Preparing to share her culinary cunning with another lucky customer.  The man rushes up and asks, "Are you the guacamole lady?  What was the secret ingredient you were selling last time?"  She replies, "Rotel.  End of aisle 7.  Top right."  The man rushes down the aisle.  There it is!  He also grabs four avocados.  In less than three minutes he has found everything he needs, so he returns to say thank you.  As he rounds the familiar corner, he stops short.  She's gone.  Three minutes.  Nothing left.  No booth.  No wares.  No lady.  Which makes you wonder:  was she  DA-DA-DAH!

Seriously, it was like I was in the Twilight Zone.  One minute she was there, the next she was gone.  Perfect timing to answer my question.  She was like my own little guacamole guardian angel.  I was never really a big guac fan until our November 2011 trip to Mexico.  There I became hooked.  And this Rotel stuff was great.  I made it about two weeks ago.  Half the kids loved it.  Half the kids hated it.  (I'm obviously rounding here!)  But that's par for the course in this home.  If it's not pizza, it's virtually impossible to find something that everyone likes.

Does anyone else go shopping at WalMart, fill up one cart, check out and load it into the car, then go right back in and fill up another cart?!?

I am still in love with price matching.

I took Taylor and Parker skiing the other day.  Started out fantastic:

Sadly it ended with Taylor taking a pretty good spill and spraining his knee.  Consolation prize--he got to go to the ER and get a pair of the coolest shorts ever:
Not to mention crutches and all the corresponding attention from the girls at school.

I love it when I find one of the kids "books" lying around.  Jesi and Xander are usually responsible for these creations:

I'm not sure if they contain more pieces of paper or more staples.

Me:  "I sure have beautiful kids!"
Sophi:  "Yep, you do!!!"



  1. At the sign post up ahead - your next stop - the "Walmart Zone"....

    She probably was an Angel Jer - they DO happen in real life - I've met one or two - but right now can't find one with a search warrant! Ah well....

    love you guys - still don't like guac - but hey - I'll hang with the half that doesn't OK too!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. My kids inhale guacamole. Every one of them! Funny. I have SEVERAL books like that at my house. In fact for Christmas last year, Santa brought Jacob a box of paper and a stapler with a years supply of staples. Just sayin...

  3. Lots o laughs! Thanks! We have those same books! Ours usually read from the back to the front. :)

  4. The books. . .they are not just a creation of my children? Oh, I thought my kids wanted to break us by using all the computer paper and breaking my stapler every time I tried to use it! Glad to know this is a common childhood endeavor: )

  5. My house has tons of those books too! Hee hee! It drives my husband crazy :) The kids use SOOOO much paper and many of our books never get written beyond the front page ;P

  6. Poor Taylor...enjoy the attenditon from the girls! I agree with Sophi...Yep, you do!

  7. I love checking in with your beautiful family here and there. You continue to inspire me when I even start to feel discouraged with our "harder" children. I had to comment on your post today....I left Walmart yesterday after going through the checkout twice. I've tried two carts at once but it's too hard at the checkout!! So, I opted for the line twice! Once for all the non-food stuff, then back again for the food...both were completely full. I wondered at the do other people with more kids then us even handle do this?!?! Now I have my answer!! LOL!! Blessings, Jennifer


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