Thursday, April 25, 2013

Graci Update

Graci is doing better! Her blood pressure is still pretty low, so she is still in the PICU, but the fever has been controlled all night. While she was still at Riverton, they tested for both bacterial infections and viruses. During the night we got the virus results back and it turns out Graci has influenza B. This likely explains all of her symptoms, but they may still do an echocardiogram to rule out any problems or infections around her heart. If she continues to be stable but with the low blood pressure they will likely move her out of ICU into a regular room.

I'll update as soon as I know anything more.



  1. Oh thank God there's a diagnosis!

  2. Thanks for letting us all know what is going on...sending love and prayers!

  3. Let's pray it isn't her heart. Poor girl not he way you want to spend the last few weeks of school.

  4. Thanks for posting. We have been worried sick about her and I didn't want to text or call incase you were sleeping. Please give her our love and know we can come help with things at a moment's notice.


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