Thursday, April 25, 2013

Out of ICU

The good news is that we've moved out of ICU into a regular room. Graci's blood pressure and pulse are much better. The echocardiogram was normal (for Grace), so that's a big relief. The bad news is she continues to be extremely lethargic. Her fever has returned so she's back on Tylenol. We can't get her to eat anything, and she's only drinking the smallest amounts of water. She's getting fluid through an IV, but will have to start eating and drinking on her own before they'll discharge her.

Some friends of ours are up here at Primary Children's while their newly adopted 2-year-old is recovering from open heart surgery. This is their 17th child (yes, you read that correctly). Most are adopted, some are biological. I often hear people say, "Nine kids??? How do you do it???" I feel exactly the same way about these sweet people.

While Grace and I are up here, life continues to move on. Baseball practices, Providence Hall fine arts night, meetings with contractors, subcontractors, landscape designers and more are keeping Christi busy and me on the phone. The secret is to enjoy the journey. The Lord knew that I needed lots of practice on this one, so he's given me lots and lots of experiences to enjoy!



  1. sweet girl. Consider this an e-hug for everyone! Get better Graci.

  2. Yay!!! Keep improving, Graci!! We love you!!

  3. My thoughts & prayers are with Graci & all your family...........get well soon Graci !

  4. Thanks for the updates bro - keep them coming - and if you need a "venting place" my phone is always on!!

    Hug everyone for us as you can - love you guys - and keeping the prayers coming your way!!

    aus and co.


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