Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The Lord answers prayers in His own timeline.  Sometimes that timeline is the same as ours, sometimes it is not.  Sometimes the timeline is about as quick as it can possibly be!  Last night I asked for your prayers to help us get two of the green utility pedestals removed.  Today, one of them was removed!  That quick!  WOW!  We still need prayers on the other one, but I actually received some good news on that one today as well.  We continue to feel SO blessed.

Here are a few pics of the house with drywall up.  It is unbelievably exciting!


Mud room


Master Bedroom

Great Room

Bonus room and loft

View down the stairs from the loft

Elevator Shaft
We are so in love with this house!!!!!  Thank you!



  1. That is simply evidence of what a little Faith can do!! Looks great guys -

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Wow! It is looking like a house. An awesome house!! :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL! It's really really taking shape. And can I just say that utility pole removal was faster and easier than Photoshop! :)

  4. Looks fantastic! We are so excited for you all!
    - Laura Parker

  5. I can' wait to lay on the floor of the great room on your plush new carpet and have a girls night talk!


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