Monday, June 24, 2013

Prayers Needed!

The drywall is mostly up!  We were gone all last week for a family reunion.  It was so much fun. (More on that in another post...)  While we were gone, the framers finished up, inspections were passed, and insulation went in.  They started drywall on Wednesday of last week and should be all done with mud and tape by the end of this week.  It's on a fast track!

However, we are really quite a bit behind the schedule we need to be on to finish by the Parade.  That's where the prayer request comes in.  We really need some miracles!  One specific miracle we need is some help with moving the green utility pedestals on our property.  Since this was originally two properties, the utility pedestals are now right in the middle of our property and right where we need to pour our driveway.  We are working with the utility companies to get them moved, but their timeline is not going to work for us to be finished by the parade.  So we need a miracle! 

I really believe this is going to happen.  I'm excited to see the doors that the Lord opens along the way.  Thanks to all of you for all of your support.  We are feeling SOOOOOO blessed!



  1. Prayers offered Jer - but the first thing that came to mind (maybe a little "Divine Insight" it happened that fast) - talk with the Parade organizers and local government (the Parade brings in a ton of tax revenue!) - and ask them to reach out to the utility companies - that might bring about a little motivation!

    hugs - and lots of joy - I remember the drywall making our house "look like something!

    love you guys - aus and co.

  2. We'll be praying. I have to give a little chuckle here. I had to move green utility posts once. We were shooting a home builders show and the home the builder wanted shot had a green utility pole right in front. He didn't like the finished video segment because of his own pole. So we had to Photoshop every single frame of the video of the front of the house! I wish we could Photoshop yours away. It's much easier to move a production crew than a utility company!

  3. You got it...always love to be a part of one of your miracles:)


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