Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cute Quotes

College football commentators often quote statistics.  When they run out of meaningful ones they turn to what Parker calls "made-up stats."  Such as:  "State university is undefeated…since the middle of last season…when they lead at halftime…against non-conference opponents…from the Pacific time zone." OK, so they're not usually quite that bad, but you get the idea.  Graci, our little observer, came up with her own "made-up stat" today.  We were driving to church for youth night and she said, "Have you ever noticed that all the people in our family…who are adopted…who can see…have trouble with their legs?"  That's our Graci!

On the way home from dropping the older kids off it was just Sophi and me in the car.  She suddenly says "Lori and me are BFFs!"  (Lori is one of her pre-school teachers.)  "What?"  "Lori and me are BFFs!"  "What's a BFF?"  "It means we team up!"

I love the wonderful, funny and insightful comments I hear from my kids every day:)



  1. We always laugh at those made up statistics too. It seems that they have one for EVERYTHING!


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