Monday, November 18, 2013

Weathering the Storm

I just read an amazing quote I want to share.  I believe it has the potential to be life changing.

Tony Dungy (NFL coach and adoptive dad) wrote in his book "Quiet Strength" the important thing to remember when we feel we are utterly lost in the maelstrom of adversity is to make sure (1) our heading is correct, and (2) we keep moving our feet. That's it. Don't worry if you can't see any progress. Don't worry if you can't see a way out of the storm. If your heading is correct and your feet are moving, sooner or later you'll poke out the other side of the storm.

I love this.  Such a simple concept, and yet it gives hope amid even the most difficult of challenges.  May we all find our way through the storms of life.


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