Thursday, May 22, 2014

Parade of Homes all over again

It is such a privilege to live in this home.  We've said thanks to all of you who helped contribute to this wonderful haven for our family.  We'll say it many, many more times and it will never be enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I've had several experiences over the last month that have reminded me just how wonderful it is.  Towards the end of our trip to Costa Rica, Christi and I were talking about coming home.  We were obviously sad to leave such a paradise.  We had a magnificent, ocean view room at the Four Seasons Hotel.  We were spoiled with delicious food, free excursions and an amazing tropical climate.  And yet, in the midst of all of that, I felt that tingle of anticipation when I thought of coming home.  I pictured our beautiful house and I was truly excited to get back here.  What a blessing!

Thirteen days after we returned we shipped off for China to get Conner.  After two amazing weeks getting to know him, I came back home with our older kids.  Christi had left China four days before I did, so she and the younger kids were at the airport to greet us.  When I finally came home it was to a spotlessly cleaned and arranged house.  I felt like it was the Parade of Homes all over again.  Each time I went into a different room it took my breath away.  Again, thank you SO much to everyone who helped us get here!

A third experience came last week.  Bret (our builder) occasionally has a potential client who would like to see his work.  He asked if one such couple could come and tour our home.  Of course we said yes.  (By the way, we really feel like it's a privilege to share our home with others.  While we live here, we feel like a part of it will always belong to the loving friends and neighbors who helped us so much.) A sweet, young couple came along with a realtor who works with clients for Bret.  This couple didn't need a home anywhere near this size.  They just wanted to see a home Bret had built and look for some ideas.  As they went room to room, they were (of course) immersed in Lexi, Sophi and several of our other kids.  They felt the wonderful spirit that is here as a result of the love that went into the Puzzle them Home project.  At the end of the tour, the girl said something along the lines of, "I want this house."  The realtor said, "Oh, it's a great home, but you don't need anything near this large."  The girl replied, "No.  I mean I want to live here.  In THIS house.  With THIS family!  We could live in the guest room and be their nannies."

What a blessing for us to live here.  It is truly a home beyond what we possibly could have imagined.  We love it so much.  Thank you!



  1. I know what that girl means...about wanting to live there. As crazy as my five days of taking care of the kiddos was, part of me was trying to figure out how I could move and stay in your guest room the nanny, the housekeeper...anything! There is something special about that home. It makes you want to stay and be forever part of the amazing spirit that dwells there.

  2. That home was built out of love, by love, for love; it will continue to exude love to all who have the privilege of living or visiting there, as long as love continues to reign there.

  3. What a sweet comment the family made about wanting to be your nannies!


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