Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Last week Christi took Sophi and Conner to Lexi's school.  Lex was part of a dance concert was dying for mom to attend.  After a cute and entertaining show, Christi went up and congratulated Lexi.  Standing there surrounded by Lexi, Sophi and Conner, Christi was approached by another mom.  This woman looked at the three kids and asked, "Are these ALL yours???"  She was incredulous.  Christi had to fight back a giggle.  "Yes," she replied.  The woman sweetly told Christi that she thought it was wonderful and amazing that Christi could handle so much.

My sweet wife just smiled and said thank you, never mentioning that she had seven more at home.:)  We had a good laugh when she told me the story that evening.



  1. next time go with the 10 of them... ;) make that women faint ! ;)

  2. That is hilarious! Christi, you have more restraint than I 'cuz I would have totally had to mention the other seven and have her give me props!

  3. I just love the "are these all yours" question. Sometimes I just react like Christi did and sometimes I come up with creative answers. Always in a joyful spirit of course...never want to make someone feel badly or foolish but it is funny!


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