Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Longest Walk

This is a post I wrote for findMe International. Through their Facebook site and other avenues they are trying to find a home for Cameron. Keep praying!!!

The Longest Walk

 I had the opportunity to spend a beautiful day with a beautiful 13-year-old a few weeks ago. While on an adoption trip to China, my wife and I and four of our kids arrived in the country a few days prior to the day we would get our new son. On one of those days we had the chance to take sweet Cameron for a day out of the orphanage. He is a tremendous young man. He was sweet and polite, helpful and willing to try new things. We took him out to lunch, to see the Terra Cotta Warriors and then swimming in our hotel. Throughout the day my heart continued to go out to him. Over and over I thought, "Why not us? Why couldn't we bring this special young man home?" Sadly, with ten other children, including three other 13-year-olds, it's just not right for us at this time. But oh, how I hope there's a family out there that can bring this boy home. His time is running short as he approaches age 14. He would be a great addition! He is a smart young man. He has some health concerns with his heart, but seemed to be able to do typical day-to-day types of things without any problems.

 At the end of our visit, Cameron and I returned to the orphanage in a taxi. He fell asleep on the way back. When we got there I experienced one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. I woke him up and got out of the car with him. We were in the parking lot and he led me to his building. The impression I had as this courageous young man plodded forward was that he was a bit like a coal miner headed down into the mine for a day at work. Not loving what he had to do, but knowing he had to do it. He was headed into a place that provided him food and shelter, but one that was bleak and dreary in many ways.

 Once we got inside, he checked in with the staff member in charge. She greeted him warmly, for which I was grateful. Then he told me goodbye...and he left. It was after 9:00pm, and I had to walk back down the long, dimly lit hallway by myself. It was the longest walk I've ever made. Seven times we have been on the other end of this scenario. Seven times we have, at least to some extent, rescued a child who might otherwise have grown up without parents. Seven times we have experienced the joy and pain, sweetness and sorrow, and the overwhelming spirit of love that is adoption. Seven times we have taken a child away from a parentless life. But that night, I had to take him into the orphanage. And leave him. And it absolutely broke my heart.

 Cameron is a good boy. He wants a family. Could he bless the lives of you and your family? Please consider him. We are praying that someone can help him walk out into the light of a loving forever family.

-Jeremy Green

Cameron Sightseeing with the Green Family from findMe international on Vimeo.

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  1. Beautiful plea for a family for Cameron. You can certainly paint a picture with words.


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