Monday, August 18, 2014

Daddy Dates

The current favorite location for daddy dates among the younger kids is Scheels.  The $1.00 ferris wheel rides are very appealing to both the kids and me:)  Over the past few weeks, Jesi, Sophi and Xander have all had daddy dates (Sophi got to tag along with X-man).  If you're not familiar with it, Scheels is a massive sporting goods store.  It is like a combination of Bass Pro Shops or Cabella's and Sports Authority.  The store in our area has a glass ceiling and a full-size ferris wheel in the middle.  The kids love to ride it!

Here are a few pics:

Looks like Mr. Lincoln couldn't hold Jesi's attention:

Dad didn't fare much better at keeping her entertained:)

Selfies on the ferris wheel:

Sophi wanted pictures of herself with all of the wildlife:

At Wendy's for dinner!

With George Washington:

Learning from President Reagan:

And my personal favorite:


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  1. The fake "terror" shots are pretty hilarious! Looks like a fun place!


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