Thursday, August 14, 2014

He Knows Each Of Us

Last year we had the summer of I Love Lucy.  Just about every night during the kids' summer break we would watch an episode or two of Lucy.  It was tremendously fun to see the kids enjoy a classic show that Christi and I love so much.  We finished up that series earlier this year and then looked for another one to enjoy as a family.  Christi introduced the kids to the Brady Bunch, which they love.  Unfortunately, I can't stomach more than about 3 minutes of that particular show, so while the kids continue to watch it, it hasn't become the family activity Lucy was.

Trying again, Christi introduced them to The Cosby Show.  I hadn't watched much of his TV show when I was younger, but I was a huge fan of Bill Cosby's comedy routines.  I gave the show a shot and we had a winner.  At first we were just watching what was available on TV Land, but then we borrowed the first season from the library and we've been going through the episodes in order.  It's a great family activity.  The kids love the way Cliff Huxtable parents, and I must admit I've learned a few lessons from him.  Just about every night, the kids look up at us with hopeful eyes and ask, "Can we watch a Cosby?"  

Conner had never watched one before last night.  It's pretty difficult to get anything out of a television show when you can't see it or understand any of the words.  Usually he will be in another room listening to books on tape on his iPod or playing a simple Kung Fu game on the computer.  But last night we encouraged him to come be with the family.  Not only would he be around us, he would also be exposed to English, something that, over time, can help with his language acquisition.  

So we went downstairs and put on the next episode of The Cosby Show.  We didn't look for anything specific, we just turned on the next show in order.  We are half way through the second season at this point, and this was the first show Conner had watched with us.  This episode had Stevie Wonder as a guest star.  A blind piano player!  As we talked to Conner about Stevie, he really perked up.  He was so excited.  He earnestly asked a few questions:  "Does he have a wife?  Is she beautiful?"  He was so happy to hear that a blind person was able to have such a fulfilling life.  

Conner often asks questions like these:  "Will I be able to get a job?"  "Will I be able to get married?"  He is so concerned about his future.  I'm not sure what he was exposed to in China, but he is clearly lacking confidence that a blind person can have a rewarding life.  What a tender mercy from our Father in Heaven that the first episode he watched with us had such a fine example of a blind man who was able to not just get by, but to rise to the top of his profession.  It is another witness to me that our Father in Heaven not only knows each of us individually, but is there to guide us, to comfort us and to do so many things for each of us simply because He loves us.



  1. In my experience, the more one recognizes and acknowledges such heavenly tender mercies, the more they occur. Thank you for acknowledging and sharing this one.



  2. So neat! And I agree with Grandpa Green!!! :-)

  3. So awesome! Really loved the video you shared last week of the man who didn't let his disabilities stop him from living.

  4. I remember that episode! Now Conner is going to want to watch Cosby and wonder where Stevie Wonder went. :) I'm so glad he has you to encourage him and love him.

  5. Thank you for sharing. We have a very loving Heavenly Father!! :)

  6. You might try the Wonder Years series too....

  7. Can't stomach the Brady Bunch either. What actually happened off set is sickening. My kids are now allowed to watch that show for that reason. The actual show is great, but this mother can't stomach it!
    Our crew loves the Donna Reid Show and Dick Van Dyke. Jesi, Lexi, and Sophi would LOVE 19 Kids and Counting. There will never be a more wholesome show.


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