Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Luke 2

Ok, so we've gone this whole day without any additional donations for Haden and I just KNOW there is someone out there who is wanting to change that!  (:  Click HERE to make it so Nov 19 is another promising day for Haden.

I have had THREE very interested families contact me about sweet little Luke!  That is about the most exciting thing ever!!  I am hoping that if one of them goes ahead with his adoption (it sounds promising!) that they will let me post their family picture here with a link to follow their journey because I know you all just love him!   (:  Having families email me about these kids makes me even more determined to keep advocating!  I'm thinking that after November we will have to keep it a regular part of our blog somehow.  If just one child finds a family from us taking time to share then of course it is so important share share share!  

One of the biggest questions that prospective adoptive parents ask is, "How will adopting affect the kids I already have?"  It's an important question that has to be heavily considered.  Of course we are obligated to take into consideration those children already under our care.    I remember well how nervous I was for Jessica when we decided to adopt Graci.  Jessica was "the princess" of our family.  We worried about her needing to share her room, her things, and most importantly, our attention.  

Well, tonight I randomly came across this video we took during Conner's baptism.  I usually don't separate in my head our biological children vs our adopted children.  They are just all our kids.  But when I watched this, I was immediately struck by the beauty of our sweet, blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty surrounded by four raven haired, almond-eyed sisters who she loves with all of her heart.  I thought of how different Jessica's life would be without adoption.  For her, these amazing sisters have changed her life in the best possible ways.  Yes, there have been sacrifices.  Yes, there has been arguing and jealousy and all of the normal sibling stuff.  But her life has been enhanced exponentially by having these beautiful sisters in her life.  Today I am so grateful for what my incredible Chinese daughters have done for my darling biological daughter.


If you choose not to watch the whole video, watch the very end.  You will hear sweet Elli chime in with her own "I will!"  The Spirit warmed our hearts as we listened to her express in her own way what we know her Spirit wants to communicate.  We love that sweet Elli of ours.

And now to advocate for another sweet orphan who needs a home.  Since we're having luck with Luke, let me introduce you to another "Luke."  And let me tell you, get ready to fall in love:

Click HERE to see his precious video (password is luke1).  There are several more videos available if you are interested!

Sweet Luke was born with club feet.  You guys!!!  There is surgery for this!  He can have his feet fixed in America and can have a totally normal, wonderful life!    When I watch his video my heart literally hurts to see him walking on those feet, but his smile is so contagious that I can't help but smile!  I just know that there is a wonderful family and a bright future for him.  Did you hear him call out, "Mama" at the end?!!  Oh my heart!!!  I plead with you to consider if he is calling out to YOU!

Luke was found at the age of three and it was said that he was very sad and had a hard time adjusting but that he eventually grew accustomed to orphanage life.  Ugh.  This is what a very recent (November) update had to say about him:

He has been pretty healthy and doesn’t get sick easily. He can’t walk yet. He is shorter than other kids and his speech is not quite clearly. His mental development is normal and he is very smart. He can’t stand without holding. He can walk by holding something. His fine motor skill is very good. He can write some letters and numbers. He can play toys and blocks well. He can have daily communication with people during daily life. He can sing some children songs and he can read some English words. He understands instruction and can follow them well. Sometimes he is kind of stubborn. So you need to keep him calm by comforting him first. He likes to play cars, blocks. He likes to watch cartoon and play games with other children. He is not potty trained yet so he still wears diaper. He sleeps well and shares a bed with another boy. He is a sweet boy and likes to chat with caregivers. He plays well with other children and wants to share all the time. He is outgoing and likes to laugh and talk.

Let's find "Luke 2" his family!



  1. praying for Haden and the need of money...

    beautiful singing. They are growing growing...

  2. Have you tried spreading the word about Haden on Facebook?

  3. Thanks for the video. What beautiful sisters...and it was so sweet when Elli chimed in. Both Lukes are just so sweet!

  4. I hope Haden will find a family even if he doesn't have 10 000 dollars.
    And sweet Luke too...


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