Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mr. Basketball

So this is not an adoption post.  But I just had to give a quick rundown of Taylor's first high school games today.  Taylor is a freshman.  After basketball tryouts, he was assigned to the JV team.  Yesterday at practice, coach told him he would also suit up and get some playing time on the varsity team.

Tonight was their first game.  Taylor played almost the entire first three quarters of the JV game.  He scored 10 points, pulled down a bunch of rebounds and played stellar defense.  They were up by a lot in the fourth quarter, so Taylor left the game and went into the locker room with the varsity team as they prepared for their game.

He played just a little over a quarter in the varsity game.  He scored 6 points, but what was really fantastic was that he had a team-high 10 rebounds.  His coach pointed out that leading the team in rebounds with such relatively little playing time showed great effort.  

Way to go, son!  I'm so happy for you!  You scored 5 times more points tonight than I did my entire freshman season:)



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