Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dare to Dream

I stumbled across this beautiful music video a couple of days ago.

Today, Sophi watched it with me.  Here are her thoughts:

"It was awesome.  'Cuz she got to do dance like me.  I think she's special 'cuz who she is.  Not because of her talent it's because how she was made."  (Not quite understanding that this little girl's limb difference is due to an accident.)

Sophi, you are indeed special because of how you are made.  But as anyone who knows you understands, it's how you are made on the inside that make you special.  Your perfect and beautiful body sets you apart in some ways, but your beautiful spirit makes you extraordinary.  We are SO blessed to have you in our family!




  1. Oh, what we take for granted! Thanks for the reminder to be willing to fight through all challenges and not let them define who we are.

  2. A beautiful marriage of lusciously powerful, vocal harmony and the inspiration of another child of God who is overcoming a challenging disability. I got tingles watching it.


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