Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Alexander Philip

Our spunky, thoughtful, creative, helpful, goofball, oh-so-fun Xander is now ten!  We were recently reflecting on his "gotcha day" and remembered how we said, "We're pretty sure this little guy is going to be student body president someday!"  Well, we must have been right on!  At the end of last year, 4th graders were encouraged to run for student body officers for the 2015-16 school year.  Xander, along with 80% of the kids in his grade, decided to run.  First they had to run against the kids in their class. Out of the 25 kids in each class, 3 were voted to move on to the school elections.  Xander was THRILLED to be chosen.  Then we began the work of making posters and practicing the speech he would give to the school.  After a week of campaigning, the 21 kids that had made it that far gave their speeches in front of the whole school.  One of the things he talked about in his speech is how he had been teased about his legs as a kindergartener and knew what it felt like when other kids weren't kind.  He promised to be accepting to everyone and to watch out for others.  Xander did a great job and after the votes were tallied, was one of 7 kids chosen to represent the school as an SBO.  We were so happy for him!

One of my favorite things about Xander is his creativity.   I will often find backpacks or laundry baskets or other containers filled with various items that he has been busy creating/playing with.  He loves legos and k'nex and anything he can build with.  But probably the most fun thing is his creative genius when it comes to cooking.  Almost daily, Xander whips up something in the kitchen.  This morning, it was something with noodles, jalapeños, and hot dog pieces-- lol!  He often has other kids begging him to make one of his delicious omelets or fried rice (always with his unique twist) or meat wraps or salads.  He wants to be a chef and I really think he has the makings to become one.  On school mornings, the kids are typically on their own for breakfast (with the exception of those who can't help themselves.)  Most kids go for the normal cereal, oatmeal, bagel, fruit, etc.  But Xander almost always is at the stovetop cooking something or at least warming up left-overs.  He makes me smile!  (Even if his messes don't!)

Xander is playing fall soccer and had a game last night in which he scored TWO goals!!!!!  One goal a season is what we consider an awesome season around here, so to score two in one night was phenomenal!  We actually missed the first one because we showed up late (it's hard getting our family out the door!)  When we got there, he came tearing down the sideline with the biggest smile on his face letting us know that he had scored a goal.  After congratulating him I told him, "Well, you're just going to have to score a second one now since we missed the first!"  I had no inkling that it would even be possible-- I was just trying to give him some motivation.  So we were ecstatic when he scored a second one later in the game.  His team won 3-2.  So fun!!!

Xander loves ALL his siblings.  He thinks it's the greatest thing in the world to hang out with Parker and Taylor and their friends.  But he also gets along so well with all of the girls and is often a sidekick to one of them.  He shares a room with Conner and has never once complained about helping Conner with whatever he needs help with-- picking out clothes, cleaning, finding the things he needs, etc.  He is such a thoughtful boy.  Of all the kids, Xander is typically the one I like to ask errands/favors of the most because he nearly always says "yes" with a super great attitude.  Oh, and he's incredible with Molly and easily takes on most of the responsibility of having a dog.

Xander, can you tell we think you're pretty great?!!!  We sure love you, X-man!

Let's start out with some of his goofy pictures...

Can you tell why this Halloween costume is perfect for him?

Birthday breakfast in bed.

10 years old!

First day of school and wearing his SBO shirt

First time driving with Taylor!

He loves Molly!  Incidentally, this was taken after Molly got spooked by fireworks and ran away.  When she came back, she was covered in foxtails, so we had to shave her.  She's normally super fluffy!

Off to explore!


  1. He oozes charm :) All our kids are amazing no matter what!

  2. Xander, you are awesome! Your smile could light up the world. Congrats on the SBO win! That is so exciting and well-deserved!


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